Hourly Consulting Services

Access affordable, competent, conflict-free advice via video chat – one meeting at a time.

How it works

I offer consulting services on an hourly basis via live consultation or project-based work.  The scope of our hourly consulting work includes education, advice, and services in areas such as setting up an appropriate planning process and environment, financial organization, creation and analysis of financial statements and forecasts, goal setting, budgeting, risk management, employee benefit selection, debt management, retirement planning, college savings, asset allocation, investment management, income tax planning, estate planning, and business strategy & planning.

I refer to my most common hourly arrangement as “real time consulting”. Each meeting is 75 minutes in length, but the first 15 minutes are always on me. I don’t want you to feel that you have to pay for setup, small talk, and development of our personal relationship. In these circumstances the burden of meeting preparation and follow up is on the client.

In the real time consulting arrangement there is also an option to subscribe to semi-annual or quarterly meetings at a discounted rate and have the total annual cost converted into monthly payments.

Hourly consulting is made available to individuals, families, trusts, estates, and businesses that wish to receive advice, services, or education without committing to an ongoing relationship with me.

What it costs

Hourly consulting is offered with a fee range between $50 – 500 per hour, in increments of ten (10) minutes.  The hourly rate is determined by the complexity of the situation and disclosed to the client in writing prior to the commencement of the engagement.  Clients can engage the firm for live or project-based hourly consulting on either an on-demand or subscription basis. For example, if a client would like to engage in live consulting sessions on a scheduled semi-annual, quarterly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis, they may enroll in a subscription agreement with the annual fees calculated and converted to monthly payments, due in advance of services rendered.

Current rates for most common services are provided below.

Fees for this service may be paid by electronic funds transfer.  Fees are due at the time services are rendered. Subscription fees are paid in advance of services delivered.  This service may be terminated within 10 days’ notice. Upon termination of any agreement, the fee will be pro-rated and any unearned fee will be refunded to the client.

Hourly consulting may be provided pro-bono at RWMS’ discretion.

Current Rates for Most Common Services

– Basic Financial Organization: $100

– Recording Keeping and Financial Statement Creation: $150

– Financial Planning and Investment Consulting: $300*

*Discounted rates are made available to clients that subscribe to semi-annual (10%) or quarterly (15%) financial planning or investment consulting sessions