XY$ Radio 004 | Matt Rogers on Shorting Covid-19

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[01:42] Small Talk
[04:05] Background
[13:15] Backstory Timeline
[23:40] Options, Derivatives, and Shorting
[41:20] Getting Into the Numbers
[42:40] Closing Discussion

My brother, Matt, recently shorted the Chinese Economy and US stock market, taking his brokerage account from $25,000 to over 160,000 in less than a month.

This is episode # 004 of XY$ Radio. I just interviewed my brother, Matt Rogers, a radiology resident, about his recent wild success in shorting the Chinese economy followed by the US stock market on the basis of Covid-19. In a matter of just over a month he took his brokerage account from $25 to $160,000…and then promptly ordered a Tesla as a reward to himself.

Before we get into this I just want to state clearly that I am not recommending that you try something like this. If you are a client of mine or have had any amount of discourse with me on the topic of personal finance you would know that I am not a gambler – period. The strategies that we discuss were based on some sound fundamental drivers but the timing component of Matt’s bets were highly speculative. With that said, this story was too close to home and just too good to pass up. Enjoy!

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