XY$ Radio 003 | Initial CARES Act Overview

The CARES Act was signed in to law on 3/26/2020. That same day, Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP, MSA of Kitces.com delivered a comprehensive presentation named “CARES Act – New Rules, Planning Strategies & Opportunities”. I reviewed this presentation several time and this episode will provide you with an overview of my initial understanding of the bill as of 3/27/2020.

In this episode

[0:47] Introduction
[04:48] Recovery Rebates
[16:10] Tax & Retirement Provisions
[26:00] Unemployment Compensation
[29:50] Key Business Provisions
[41:25] Other Notable Provisions
[47:35 ] Conclusions and Action Items

An initial overview of the largest economic stimulus package in US history.

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Sean Rogers, CFP®

Sean Rogers is a fee-only financial planner in Grand Rapids, MI. He serves individuals and families right in his back yard in West Michigan. He also works virtually with clients all over the country. Sean's firm, Capital Stewardship Partners delivers value-aligned, competent, conflict-free financial advice to Gen X and Millennials. The firm does not have any minimum requirements for net worth, investable assets, or income. This means that you can have affordable access to a fee-only fiduciary regardless of how much money you have available to invest. Sean Rogers is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, an XY Planning Network member, a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor, and member of the Financial Planning Association and Society of Financial Service Professionals.​