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The Financial Services Industry is Broken
.  Unfortunately, when it comes to finding and hiring a financial advisor that is both competent and committed to working in your best interest, the odds are against you.  I know from personal experience because once upon a time I found myself on what I now consider to be the “Dark Side” of the financial services industry.  Click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation and I will be sure to give you all  the tips you need on how to avoid working with the wrong firm or advisor for your specific set of circumstances.

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In my conversations with clients we talk about a wide variety of topics such as getting clear on financial goals, getting financially organized, building a budget and financial statements, insurance, estate planning, income taxes, retirement planning, college funding, investment management, and more. Whenever talking about risk management I made it a habit of making identity protection part of the conversation, but did not really know where to go with the conversation other than suggesting a subscription to an identity and credit monitoring service such as Life Lock or one of the many companies in their space.